The Music Studio

Piano, Trumpet, Classical Guitar, & Voice Lessons for the Wausau Area

Playing music is one of the few things in life that awakens our complete humanity–it is artistic, athletic, emotional, and intellectual–all at the same time!

30 Min Lesson


per lesson

45 Min Lesson


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60 Min Lesson


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Studio Policies

It is my experience that the following policies offer students the best chance of reaching their highest potential.

  1. Fees for lessons are due at the first lesson of each month for that month.
  2. You are responsible for the payment of all potential lessons, even those you do not attend.
  3. I will make up or credit your account for one missed lesson, due to illness, per semester.
  4. If I cancel a lesson I reserve the right to either make it up or credit your account.
  5. Bad weather: I will call to cancel and work with you to make up the lesson.
  6. During the summer I only charge for the lessons you can actually attend (weeks of vacation or camps are exempt).

Some of you have unique situations, or may have in the future, that make these policies difficult. If that is the case, talk to me. While some of these policies protect my ability to make a living as a teacher, enabling me to continue to experience the joy of working with your child, my primary concern is always about what is best for them, musically and personally. Lets keep communication open. Ultimately, these policies help ensure consistent practicing and lesson attendance, both of which are critical for success.


If I were the best teacher ever, and your child were the most brilliant prodigy ever, he or she would still get nowhere without practice. About 10 percent of your child’s progress comes from my direction, 15 percent comes from your gentle insistence and encouragement to practice, and about 75 percent of your child’s success comes directly from practice. It is that important! I expect my students to practice a minimum of between 30 and 60 minutes a day, at least 6 days a week. 


Recitals are a chance for your child to share his or her talents, be inspired by peers, and more importantly, to learn self-confidence in front of an audience. This self-confidence will carry over into their other academic endeavors as well as into their future professional lives, whatever they may be.  Please rearrange your schedules (sports schedules included) in order to participate in every recital.